Patient Testimonials

  • I feel tremendously better. My overall attitude is much better now that I am healing~June 2019

    Sidney Rodriguez

  • I feel 100% better than when I walked in the first time. Everyone Robi, Lauren, Tanya and Jen were very sincere and professional. I felt comfortable and welcomed whenever I came!! ~ June 2019

    Paul Youngman

  • I have enjoyed my visits – the staff is always friendly and helpful~June 2019

    Linda Malleis

  • Everyone goes all out to make people feel comfortable. You feel like you are family. ~ May 2019

    Barbara Rainbolt

  • It helped my back, my knees, and my neck. It helped so much more than just my neck. A very compassionate group of people. ~ May 2019

    Sheryl Bernardo

  • Definitely enjoy the friendly staff from the moment you walk in! ~May 2019

    Melissa Dineen

  • Everyone was really nice & my foot feels much better. ~ May 2019

    Tarryn Duyck

  • Second time treating with Robi — We do great together and the rest of the staff is super also. ~ April 2019

    Steven Dierickx

  • I can’t wait for more surgery so I can return–Beautiful new location.~February 2019

    Linda Cordle

  • You guys make me feel like family and have been so kind.  I thought I’d never be the same again until I met you folks.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  10/10  ~ February 2019

    Luis Rascon

  • Robi is the best.

    John Eagan

  • MaKenna came in after hip surgery and was only able to walk with crutches. She left with full function and is returning to softball at University of Minnesota.

    Sports Injury

  • You are all very nice, friendly – welcoming atmosphere. Made me feel very comfortable. ~ December 2018

    Dee Robinson

  • IMG 2112 150x150 Walking Miracle

    Walking Miracle

  • Thank you for helping with my back pain! Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly and I felt very comfortable and cared for.


  • Enjoyed it —  had a great time here. Everyone is pleasant and very helpful.

    Bonnie Johnson

  • It’s been wonderful — truly like a miracle.

    Geneva Houx

  • The staff is very supportive and compassionate. Most importantly the results are amazing. I saw Robbie following my neck surgery and can’t say enough about how good he is.

    Melissa W.

  • This is an outstanding place to get fast pain relief. Clean environment, amazing staff. I really appreciated the time Robi Fleming spent on educating me on prevention and strengthening. I was very pleased to experience a therapeutic massage from Katie as well. Thank you so much!

    Barbara C.

  • I walked out of here with no pain. It was like a miracle.

    Greg Shipp

  • It was absolutely fantastic, Aaron worked miracles on my neck.

    Geneva Houx

  • It’s great! They have been very helpful.

    Myles Eidsmoe

  • Pleasure to spend time here. Great communication and understanding. I will certainly come back to remedy any future injuries.

    Craig C.

  • I always look forward to coming to physical therapy. Everyone at Custom Care PT is incredibly friendly and Robi always knows how to fix all my problems — there has been a lot! 🙂

    Kaitlyn R.

  • My experience here was wonderful. You guys helped me get to a stronger position in a timely manner. I appreciate all the help given.


  • Everyone has been super! I feel much better, thank you all!! (P.S. the texting feature you have is awesome and wicked convenient!)

    Megan C.

  • Everything seems super optimistic. My shoulder has become so much better. I’m hoping to take archery soon!

    Nancy H.

  • I’ve been avoiding coming to physical therapy since having knee problems starting a year ago. Although I have bone on bone Robi has given me hope that surgery can be delayed. After the first visit, my knee pain was reduced by at least 80% with manipulation! Today was my 3rd session and prior to the session, I was able to walk down my stairs and get in & out of my truck with no pain. Thank you, Robi!

    Francine S.

  • I have learned more about how my body works and how I can keep it in tip-notch condition!

    Judy H.

  • It’s been a fascinating process–almost like a detective story to evaluate strength and mobility and discover exercises that make a difference. It’s empowering.


  • Amazing experience!

    Chuck Shine

  • The staff here are very kind and professional. I felt like the treatment really helped. I never had any problems with the staff. Everything was excellent!


  • My time here has been very nice. Everybody treats the customers with respect and they’re easy to talk to.

    Tanner M.

  • It was great and helped me.

    Myles E.

  • I have been coming many weeks and my experiences are too good and numerous to mention on one page. The camaraderie of staff is pleasing to be in the midst of.

    Jane L.

  • You have a great organization. Lots of personal contact, very personable and caring. You guys are great!

    Lorren F.

  • I have been treated well, I have been able to reduce my stress too.

    Gabriela V.

  • I was impressed by the through intake process I received. The therapist (Robi) I was assigned to proved to be extremely talented and knowledgeable of the human anatomy. On my first visit, it was explained to me what to expect while in treatment. After the acute sciatic pain was relieved, I was carefully monitored while learning to strengthen my body as a complete unit. I am extremely grateful to be pain free and feeling stronger than ever. Thanks!

    Barbara C.

  • I always enjoy my time with Aaron and Lauren. I have enjoyed meeting new staff, they’re extremely personable and very professional.

    Melba A.

  • I am returning to my sport with confidence and comfort that I am ready to play.

    Kiley R.

  • You guys are the best. You guys CARE about the patient. That means A LOT.

    Mary S.

  • I came in with awful headaches due to stress and tightness in my neck and shoulders. Aaron gave me the correct exercises to fix my issues and was pleasant to work with.

    Julie P.

  • They listen to what’s wrong, and my therapist has done everything to help with the pain.

    Heather P.

  • I found the time here very enjoyable. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. They treat everyone as a person, not a number, Thank you one and all.

    Jay C.

  • Everyone is helpful. I feel 100x better than 2 months ago. Would definitely come back if needed.

    Matthew B.

  • Everyone here is Wonderful!

    Renee P.

  • Very personable people – Easy to work with!

    Monte M.

  • Everything was explained very well and I never felt embarrassed to ask questions.

    Stephanie M.

  • When I first came to Custom Care Physical Therapy I was in an enormous amount of pain, very irritable and at the point where my physical limitations were taking over my life. After my time here at Custom Care I am now pain free, sleeping better than I have in years. My mood has improved so greatly that the people around me have all noticed the change. I am now able to exercise, work and do all the activities that I love and have missed. Custom Care gave me my life back I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you Custom Care!

    Joy K.

  • This was a positive experience. Friendly staff and a good environment.

    Thomas L.

  • Excellent care. Great results. Aaron is the best physical therapist I have ever seen.

    Stephen H.

  • It was great to have a manageable work out program and a PT that was willing to meet my goals.


  • FYZICAL Therapy & Balance CentersI went from major pain to little to none in a short time. Aaron helped out in many more aspects than just my back issue. Thanks Aaron!

    Ryan D.

  • The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.

    Lin M.

  • The staff, facilities, and care are all top notch!

    Lori V.

  • I was hesitant to come at first, only because I’m stubborn and thought the problem would fix itself. But, I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer because Robi gave me the info I needed to get myself back to 100%.

    Ashley S.

  • Pain issue resolved. Robi was able to find the true cause of the issue and resolve it.


  • They were able to determine what was the root cause of my pain and were able to resolve it, which makes me happy and pain-free.

    Angela M.

  • FYZICAL Therapy & Balance CentersGreat staff, friendly and knowledgeable. Good listeners, nice atmosphere

    Sally W.

  • The therapist really knows his stuff. The exercises that were prescribed have helped!

    Yvonne M.

  • Everyone is friendly, helpful and laid-back. Great place to heal and improve.

    Recent Patient

  • I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time … I’m where I was years ago before having knee problems. Aaron is amazing and I loved watching him work with others (particularly seniors) while I was there. His assistant Lauren was extremely motivating and personable! Aaron’s knowledgeable and mild manner put a fire under me to reach my goals … I’ve seen him turn around patient resistance to willingness to exercise. He is a joy and healing master! I will refer anyone needing PT here and return whenever I need PT. And Tanya is amazing with genuine caring, help in scheduling and reminding patients of appointments. I’m going to miss seeing you all each week — Thank you so very much!!

    Francine S.

  • I always look forward to coming to physical therapy. Everyone at Custom Care PT is incredibly friendly and Robi always knows how to fix all my problems — there has been a lot!

    Kaitlyn R.

  • The stretch is tough but necessary and I feel better afterwards.

    Mark W.

  • It was hard at first, but everybody made me feel comfortable and fun.

    Katherine S.

  • Friendly staff, clean work rooms and a overall good experience.

    Krystal H.

  • Therapy was at a good pace that I felt best facilitated the healing process.

    Sam J.

  • It has been a great experience – friendly helpful staff.

    Helen A.

  • Aaron is very professional and values what the patient says.

    Clint G.

  • This facility is a very comfortable place to achieve recovery from physical difficulties. Great equipment and very knowledgeable staff in instructing how to use it. Aaron is very gentle and his approach really works.

    Jennifer M.

  • Everyone is very friendly..

    Maria I.

  • Aaron and staff are great to work with, truly care about helping others. Merry Christmas!!!

    Linda S.

  • I have enjoyed it very much here. Robi has helped me to have more comfort in my head!

    Jackie C.

  • I hope to be back soon after my surgery.

    Sean C.

  • I have learned more about how my body works and how I can keep it in tip-notch condition!

    Judy H.

  • It has given me the kick start I needed to integrate more physical activity/exercise into my daily routine. Office staff was kind and professional. My therapists were fun and easy to speak to. They encouraged me to keep pushing. Very kind and genuinely cared about me as patient/person in my recovery.

    Arwen L.

  • For the most part everything has gone very smoothly. Everyone has been friendly and punctual. I was nervous coming in, but am very glad I did.

    Maggie W.

  • The time here at Custom Care was pleasant, comfortable and positive. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

    Joyce V.

  • Robi was awesome. Helped pain tremendously. Nothing to strenuous. Previous therapy I have had did nothing or caused further pain. Very pleased!!!

    Natalie C.

  • Everyone was friendly and nice.


  • The people are great and seem to be very helpful. I’m going to miss coming here and seeing everyone.

    John D.

  • Everyone has been very helpful.

    Charla G.

  • Friendly, thorough staff.

    Mike H.

  • Front desk is very nice and helpful, always welcoming. Robi was excellent, he really helped me with my back pain and showed me new exercises.

    Daniel H.

  • Everyone is very friendly.


  • Enjoy, well it is therapy! Yes, I have enjoyed the interactions and directions for a better health in life.

    Lloyd M.

  • I’m satisfied and think others would be, too.

    Odis E.

  • You have a wonderful environment with very a competent staff that is encouraging and professional. I will continue recommending your services!


  • The staff is excellent and helpful, worked with me to get back to work. I felt like I was treated like a person and not just a patient by the whole staff.

    Randy H.

  • I am very happy with how everything went, everyone was helpful and kind.

    Chellssie J.

  • A major “thank you” to Robi and the rest of the staff for making my experience here welcoming, helpful and effective. Running is so life-giving for me and it means a ton that Robi helped me get back to it. So, thank you Robi! You were awesome! June 2017


  • I’ve never had physical therapy before and all the staff I encountered were helpful and excelled at ensuring a comfortable environment.

    Kasey C.

  • I enjoyed coming here and appreciate all the help to get me better.


  • I have enjoyed my time. Everyone’s very friendly. This was my second time here and everything was great, especially the atmosphere.

    David L.

  • Everyone is helpful and friendly. I’ve learned a great deal.

    Lory D.

  • The outcome exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the focus on addressing functional demands of my occupation.

    Alan M.

  • It has been professional and helpful. I would come back for future problems.

    Tazsa H.

  • I have learned good exercises and stretches to manage issues that have arisen with my neck and upper body so I that I am comfortable.

    Rochelle L.

  • Looked forward to every visit.

    Dennis L.

  • The pain is gone.

    Eileen B.

  • Everyone here is extremely nice and accommodating.

    Ronald S.

  • The therapists and office staff were all very friendly and helpful, taking a personal interest in my daughter’s well being.

    Jeanne W.

  • I enjoyed my visits because I felt so much better after every one.

    Jackie C.

  • I have been going to see Colleen for almost six visits and have seen BIG differences with my knee, and learned about how the whole body works. My overall health has changed for the better. She has taught me how to deal with pain when it comes up. When I first started I was about a 5/10 pain level when I wasn’t walking, but when I put weight on it, it was a 10/10. Also, I couldn’t walk a half mile and now I can walk as much as I want. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone that needs help!

    Sy W.

  • I learned I was doing all the wrong stretching. I learned how to do the right exercises and stretching to get rid of the pain in my back. Aaron is very good at explaining what I am doing wrong and how to do the right exercises.

    Larry P.

  • Amazing. Everyone is very helpful.

    Christy K.

  • The entire staff always made me feel very comfortable. Aaron was very diligent in his encouragement and challenged me to do my best. I have made so much progress and feel I will continue on that path with determination! Thank you all so much!

    Julene K.

  • Everyone has been helpful.

    Christina S.

  • Therapist was very good!

    Wanda L.

  • The staff was great, a very good experience.

    Steven B.

  • I enjoyed my visit, because the people were nice and friendly. They make you feel welcome.


  • Very quick to get pain resolved.

    Krystal H.

  • Good workout to address the issue. .


  • Very friendly and time orientated. .

    Kayla G.

  • I have done physical therapy in the past at a different clinic and feel that I have had a better experience here in improving my pain.

    Recent Patient

  • On time; pleasant, good explanations; all good.

    Alana G.

  • Discovered shoulder pain was in part linked to my neck. Worked on both, neck and shoulder to gain further mobility in shoulder and neck.

    Ken W.

  • I can’t believe my back feels so much better in just six sessions. I feel like I have learned all the techniques and tools I need to keep my back pain-free everyday, Wow!


  • Everyone was kind and warm hearted.

    John H.