Lisa Whitmer, Physical Therapy Aide

Lisa is a physical therapy aide. She works closely with the patients and therapy staff to make sure all guests and patients are comfortable and safe during therapy sessions. She is responsible for the exercise studio and educating patients on proper technique and equipment use. She maintains the treatment areas and materials. Lisa takes pride in providing the best care and support to patients and therapists. She graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelors in Health and Human Performance with a focus in performance/exercise science.  Lisa has extensive background as a yoga instructor, and submitted her thesis on how yoga benefits those who suffer from depression and anxiety.  What makes Lisa stand out as a yoga teacher is over a decade of mentorship from pioneers in Yoga Therapy where each client is viewed as a unique individual.  We are dedicated to modifications appropriate for each person and a holistic approach is then administered within the scope of yoga therapy.  Lisa loves to dance, spends time painting, enjoys being adventurous, and is fascinated by the interrelated levels of the human body.